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IBI Group

Canstruction Twenty-Rick-Teen, No Morty Hunger

Structural Ingenuity

IBI Group

“WUBBA LUBBA DUB DUB!! Hey hey everyone! Rick here! We’re here to end interdimensional hunger once and for all with the most scientifically proven effective method. CANS! Don’t get me wrong I’m not softening up, this was all Morty’s idea as he feels that our “questionable” adventures require some community service.

“As I am the Rickiest Rick aka the most intelligent person in the multiverse, I have come up with a simple solution. Instead of relying solely on governments to solve the hunger problem I am employing everyone to work together and pitch in as much as they CAN so that people are no longer suffering all around this world.”

Feeling like they have done enough Rick grabbed Morty and disappeared into their portal in search of the one thing that is utterly irresistible to the beings of every universe ……MCDONALD’S SZECHUAN SAUCE!

Stephanie Scheper, Captain
Ron Vansevenandt
Tony Te
Evelyne Bucumi
Zheng Luo

Special Thanks to our other team members:
Stephen Moore