To feed and inspire the world one can at a time!

Boreal Laser

Solving Hunger

Boreal Laser - Canstruction EdmontonBased on what is arguably the world’s most famous toy, this is a “twisted cube” sculpture. The sculpture before you is stationary, but depicts the process of being twisted with only one side complete.

The magic puzzle cube can be solved in many different ways, and requires a multi-faceted approach. The goal of ending hunger also requires a multi-pronged approach, with parties coming together to collaborate in events like Canstruction. This sculpture captures the essence of a difficult problem that is still solvable. The magic cube has 43 quintillion different permutations, yet is still solvable. This sculpture represents the hope of tackling hunger.

Hal Friesen, Captain
Yang Yu
Brian McPherson
Shelley Nygaard
Kyle MacDonald

Special Thanks to our other team members: Tim Ho, Yang Yu, Edwin Thornton and Michelle MacDonald.

Special Thanks to (supporters): Jim Bauer