To feed and inspire the world one can at a time!

Enbridge, Graham & Fluor

Winning The Race to End Hunger

Enbridge, Graham & FluorAt Enbridge, our goal is to fuel people’s quality of life. By providing the energy people need to live their lives, whether it be literal fuel or food, we help beautiful things happen in their lives. Filling our tanks keeps us moving; in the same way filling our stomach keeps our bodies moving. Food is the body’s fuel and the more tanks we fill, the closer we come to Ending Hunger. When you fuel energy through food, you make beautiful things happen in another’s life. By feeding the body, you feed the mind. Our car will help by being the vehicle the Food Bank needs to help win the race to End Hunger.

Kevin Bella, Captain
Marta Schoenwandt
Matthew George
Valerie Streit
Brad Kimak
Jeremy Gilliland
Mike Van Dyk
Chris Demler
Bryan Lyster
Karen Murphy
Alex Findlay

Special Thanks to our other team members:
Asad Dandia, Edie Richard, Mahesh Patel, Janet Lennox, Greg Kydd, Joel Brochu, Dora Ribero, Jatinder Tiwari, Anthony McElwee, Dario Valdivia

Special Thanks to (supporters):
Fluor Canada,Graham Construction, Breathe Fitness, Edmonton Food Bank