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AECOM Canada Ltd Edmonton

A short time ago in a galaxy not so far away……Can-droid BB-ATE

img-logos-teams-aecomCan-droid BB-ATE is inspired from a movie set in a galaxy not so far away……CAN-WARS. His spherical shape will be a challenge to build.

A short time ago in a galaxy not so far away…….


Episode 2016

It’s a time of great need. Hunger grips the galaxy, but a glimmer of hope remains in the appearance of the new can-droid BB-ATE.

BB-ATE has within him the secrets to thwart HUNGER’s plans. Chicken and noodle soup, tuna and beans will aid the AECOM strike team to restore balance against the HUNGER.

BB-ATE’s specially constructed round shape hides within some of the most needed items for the Edmonton Food Bank’s battle against THE HUNGER…..

Dave Whelan, Captain
Becki Stewart
Grant Hall
Tim Carriere

Special Thanks to our other team members: Joseph Trieu, Li Wang, Jermaine Smith, Ryan Pittman, Kelly Donahue, Anna-Michelle Thivierge.

Special Thanks to (supporters): A big thank you to both AECOM Canada LTD and all the staff of the Edmonton AECOM office. Without their support, donating their time, ideas and cans this TEAM effort would not be possible. AECOM’s many disciplinary teams are represented on the CAN-TEAM this year, namely TRANSPORTATION, RAIL AND BRIDGES, WATER and BUILDING AND PLACES