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Stantec & PCL Construction

Hunger is not a Game

Best Use of Labels & Best Meal

Stantec & PCL ConstructionPac-Man and Inky (the ghost)

Pac-Man must avoid his enemy, Inky, and eat all the “Pac-Dots” to get to the next stage and eliminate hunger. If Inky touches Pac-Man as he makes his way through the maze, he loses a life and hunger will continue to be a problem in our community. Pac-Man desperately needs to reach a “Power Pellet”, which will provide him with the ability to eat Inky and “wakkawakka” hunger forever……

An-Su De Lellis, Captain
Dale Zemlak, Captain
Darren King
Dawna Moen
Marzena Witek

Special Thanks to our other team members:
Stantec: Tracy Jamison, Heather McIntosh, Minh Doan, Derrik Kennedy, Alicia Chapa, Ian Colville, Sonja Norton, Maribeth McCarvill, Steve Bethel
PCL: Zach Lukasiewich, Rachel Zelman, Nathan MacTavish, Cory Van Roon, Landon Douglas, Claire McKay, Jordon Meaver

Special Thanks to (supporters):Stantec, PCL, Bradson Promotional Group, Real Canadian Superstore