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Bridging the Hunger Gap, High Level Bridge


img-logos-teams-stantecHigh it rises, linking the city, above the waters by shortening distances; serving pedestrians and automobiles; a Municipal Historic Resource and the highest river crossing by our beloved streetcar; 100 years after and still standing strong. Trying to keep the food balanced and to resemble the colours of the real view of the high bridge, we selected a valley-tone colour palette for the banks of the North Saskatchewan River, the light weight and shape of the sardine cans made them and ideal choice for bridge construction.


Nate Dimock
Richelle Serink
Nick Rogers
Trevor Kirk
Nolan Rettie

Special Thanks to our other team members: Mahsoo Naderi, Pamela Ginger, Reshma Punjanani, Sungmo Ahn, Abhishek Chadha, Alicia Chapa, Bruce Jensen, Chris Ebel, Harold Lu, Karen Wong

Special Thank You to: Costco, North Edmonton, Wholesale Foods!