To feed and inspire the world one can at a time!


Playing your part to end hunger

Best Use of Labels

Wall of cans depicting City Hall and a Red Piano, the latter coming-out’ of the wall.

You can tune a guitar, you can tune a piano, but you can’t “tuna” fish. Well, some might say you can – you just need to adjust the scales. We don’t have any tuna fish in this sculpture, but we do have a balanced and delicious meal, including protein (beans and pork, meat sauce and beef chili), fibre (beans), vegetables (beets and peas), grains (pasta) and a nice soup to finish the meal feeling full! 
Because when your belly is full, it’s easier to focus on what’s important – like sharing your love of music with the world. The idea behind the red piano is to remind people that despite needing help to get the basic means such as food, everyone has amazing gifts to share. Gifts like creating beautiful music can universally bring us all together regardless of our differences. Now, how sweet does that sound?

Francisco Cruz, Captain
Keyra Hawley
Denise Rosales
Danielle Parpinel
Glenna Rauch

Special Thanks to our other team members:
Special thanks to (in no particular order): Ayan Abdille, Myles Mix, Nicole Morales, Navdeep Sahota, Kristin Smadella, Amanda Rosychuk, Michelle Cheung, Cindy Truong, Trish Sturton, Lindsey Solodiuk, Terri Davison, Pam Zrobek, Lisa Williamson, Jaeden Catt, Kate Kirk, Laura Raynor, Silvana Fazio, Lindsey Elliott, Alisha Porter, Josie Letwin, Arlene Smith, Vanessa Volk, Stephanie Thorne, Kevin Stone, Gary Fulmore, Cindy Lowe, Cathy Williams, Nathan Petersen, and Lane Abrams

Special Thanks to (supporters): Save-On-Foods Hamptons, EPCOR Management.