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ISL Engineering and Land Services

OctoPIE Hunger in the FACE

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ISL Engineering and Land ServicesISL is building an eight-armed octopus, with four of the arms holding plates of food and pies.

Hunger is a very complicated problem, with multiple dimensions and numerous causes. The octopus represents ISL’s determination to attack hunger from every angle and with many approaches. The octopus can provide a multi-pronged attack to overwhelm and defeat the causes of hunger. Though we have only built one octopus, we recognize that it will take more than eight arms to defeat hunger, hence the reference to many octopuses, or octopi.

Mahmud Rahman, Captain
Meagan Schulmeister
Mitchell Hackett
Anthony Pasini
Priyanka Joshi

Special Thanks to our other team members: Ben Johnson, James Chapman, Gurjeet Shaheed, Spencer McCann, Jordan Allan

Special Thanks to (supporters):
Rod Peacock, P.Eng., CEO of ISL Engineering and Land Services
Steve Melton, M.Eng., P.Eng., PMP, Manager, Edmonton Office