To feed and inspire the world one can at a time!


Happiness is a full tummy!

Best Original Design & People's Choice

EpcorThis happy picture-perfect moment is a reminder to all of us that we need to enjoy the little things in life. It also reminds us that by helping the Food Bank we can share with those around us the happiness that a full tummy brings. The EPCOR employees, at all areas, departments and buildings, have proudly donated enough money and time to put together this sculpture, and there was even extra cash left at the end that will be directly donated to the Food Bank.

We are also taking the opportunity brought by this sculpture to send our thoughts to those whose lives have been touched in one way or another by cancer, including two members of the EPCOR Canstruction Team. We have included several daffodils in our design as a symbol of strength and courage (we encourage you to visit the website of the Canadian Cancer Society for more info).

Denise (Peppermint Patty) Rosales, Captain
Ayan (Lucy) Abdille
Kirstie (Sally) Craig
Myles (Linus) Mix
Matthew (Schroeder) Wilson
Danielle (Marcy) Parpinel
Shane (Woodstock) Fraser
Francisco (Charlie B.) Cruz
Sharla Sahadeo
Malonal Das
Navdeep Sahota
Neha (Snoopy) Sharma-Prabhakar

Special Thanks to our other team members: All Canstruction members and GREAT-C, in no particular order: Deanna L’Heureux, Heather Hanson, Tania Han, Arlene Smith; Colleen Mitchell, Vanessa Volk, Stephanie Thorne, Sally Maziarz, Pam Zrobek, Kim Galloway, Gilles Simard, Cathy Williams, Trish Sturton, Yusra El Saadi, Caitlin Rabien, Rike Enss, Lorna Taylor, Leonora Acuesta, Lyn Girard, Linda Rezewski, Sally Shea, Diane Spracklin, Kayla Bruce, Sherilyn Sonnenberg, Rhodely Tercenio, Erin Harnett, Stephanie Morin, Rhoda So, Annalyn Mueco, Kate Kirk, Mike Kardash, Daniel Calcines, Helen Routh, Emily Yaceyko, Silvana Fazio, Lindsey Elliott, Megan Eatock, Alisha Porter, Kristin Smadella and her kids 🙂

Special Thanks to (supporters): EPCOR Canstruction 2018 was made possible again thanks to the generous donations of EPCOR employees. We appreciate EPCOR Management for their continued support to this initiative, especially Frank Mannarino SVP Electricity. Thank you to Desmond Reagan and AMJ Van Lines for your altruistic help.