To feed and inspire the world one can at a time!


CANDROIDS: May the Forks be with you!

Best Meal

The famous droids from the big screen have come to Edmonton seeking help to end hunger, and YOU are their only hope.

This sculpture also features a TIE (twin ion engines, in case you were wondering) Fighter, ingeniously leaping out of the theme wall. It’s the first of an entire army. Will they be able to sabotage the efforts of the CANdroids? This is the Can Wars, and you are the decisive player. The saga of good v. evil continues right here, in your City, by helping to fight hunger.

Employees from across EPCOR helped bring our Star Wars vision alive by donating cash and cans to build this galactic structure. It represents the heart and enthusiasm of many people coming together to lend a hand to those in need so we can all reach for the stars!

Luke, I am your supper.
We believe in doing our part to support local food banks, especially as more and more people are experiencing difficulty putting food on the table. Let’s all continue to rally together to help hungry families in our community.

In the words of Master Yoda: Feed hungry bellies you should, great good from it comes, yes.


Francisco Jabba The Cruz, Captain
Myles HanSolo Mix
Keyra Princess Leia Hawley
Jesse Chewbacca Skwaruk
Obi Robyn Kenobi

Special Thanks to our other team members:
(in no particular order) General Silvana Grievous; BB K8 Kirk; Jar Jar Della; C-3PO Smart; Jar Jar Jaeden; Seotta Wasat Sturton; Rylo Ken-dra; Josie Jedi Letwin; C3 Megg-O; Pam Zrobek; Gilles Simard; R2 Jess2; Glenna Rauch; Denise Rosales; Kristi Deneiko; Helen Routh; Laura Raynor; Emily Yaceyko; Danielle Yoda Parpinel; Ayanakin Skywalker; Lindsey Elliot; Carol Hawryleyko; Alisha Porter; Arlene Smith; Asajj Vaness; Stephanie Thorne; Kevin Stone; Darth Malo; Princess Daniella; Cynthia Lucas; Neha Sharma-Prabhakar; Matthew Wilson; Derek Hatch, for the always efficient help.

Special Thanks to (supporters):
AMJ Campbell and Desmond Reagan for their super generous donation of time and effort for moving these thousands of cans.

SVP Frank Mannarino and EPCOR Management, for the solid support to this effort in helping our community.

WalMart, Safeway and Superstore for discount bulk purchases.
NAIT for an insightful set of ideas.

All EPCOR employees that donate cans, time, effort and money year after year for this cause. You make this possible.