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Kasian Architecture & Bird Construction

Anemone to Hunger

Structural Ingenuity

Kasian Architecture & Bird Construction - Canstruction EdmontonDory the fish from the upcoming Pixar film ‘Finding Dory’ swims through an anemone.

Our sculpture references the ‘Finding Nemo’ character in a number of ways. The wordplay of the title alludes to the oft mispronounced ‘anemone’ and its similarity to our stance against hunger: ‘an enemy’. The sculpture also carries the subtext of cultural amnesia – just as Dory the fish is constantly forgetting, it is easy to take it for granted when our pantry is full. Our sculpture reminds us not to forget about those who endure the daily struggle for food.


Kyle Bradshaw, Captain
Andrea Paez
Theresa Te
Darren Radbourne
John Barnes

Special Thanks to our other team members: Matt Reid, Jennifer Michals, Mike Johnson, Esha Das, Janice Overend, Alison Kumpula, Bob Walker, Amanda Facchin, Heather Hornung, Nick Demers, Eric Sapiano.

Special Thanks to (supporters):
Kasian Architecture Interior Design and Planning LTD
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