To feed and inspire the world one can at a time!

Urban Systems Ltd.


Urban Systems Ltd. - Canstruction EdmontonA replica of the BB-8 droid from Star Wars: The Force Awakens, made entirely out of tuna stacked in a spherical shape.

BB-8 is the newest droid in the Star Wars universe, and the most popular since R2D2. It might seem like BB-8’s purpose is to help the Resistance, but in reality, it only wants to help feed the galaxy. As you can see in this 100% accurate replica, BB-8 is made entirely of canned tuna. But stand back, because it could roll away at any time to deliver food to those in need.

Tim Lutic, Captain
Abram Hartrick
Alex Couillard
Bryan Wright
Chad Fletcher

Special Thanks to our other team members: Dan Yin, Elaine Murphy, Jingjing Dou, Laura Creswell, Linda Tiet, Nic Abarca.

Special Thanks to (supporters): Rockliff Pierzchajlo Architects & Planners Ltd., Nilex, Shoppers Drug Mart #323 Mission Hill Plaza St. Albert.