To feed and inspire the world one can at a time!


Ending Hunger

Enbridge - Canstruction EdmontonA replica 10 course storage tank complete with a floating roof and platform. Tank will be approximately 5′-2″ ID and 3′-9″ high.

At Enbridge, we take fuel to heart. We know it takes energy to move through life. Filling our tanks keeps us moving; in the same way filling our stomach keeps our bodies moving. Food is the body’s black gold and the more we fill our tank, the closer we come to Ending Hunger. When you fuel energy through food, you make beautiful things happen in another’s life. By feeding the body, you feed the mind. Our tank of fuel will provide the Edmonton Food Bank the black gold it needs to End Hunger

Kevin Bella, Captain
Elizabeth Combdon
Jatinder Tiwari
Edie Richard
Amita Narayanan
Rashmi Rane

Special Thanks to our other team members:
Lina Parra Galvis
Vic Mixap
Wayne Boyko
Dam Le
Robert Gagnon
Hylann Ma

Special Thanks to (supporters): Enbridge LP Canadian Projects Department